Coming Soon – Daawat 2022!

This Year’s Daawat meeting will be held on Nov-25, 2021

(This is a tentative date,  keeping following us in social media for any updates)


In the Spring semester, Sankalp holds the grandest initiative towards meeting its fundraising goals. Daawat, a fundraising dinner that involves food cooked by volunteers with the assistance of patrons from Ames and cultural performances, is principal fundraising event of the academic year for Sankalp. A central component of Daawat are the multimedia presentations showcasing various chosen NGO-supplied project proposals that the Sankalp team has carefully scrutinized for probable funding. Poster sessions that further elaborate on these presentations are carried out throughout the duration of the evening too.

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Patrons at Daawat are treated to sumptuous food and informative sessions, interspersed with vibrant musical/cultural performances. Handicrafts from various parts of India, bought by volunteers and friends who travel to and from India, are auctioned to add to funds already raised by donations and ticket sales at Daawat. All in all, Daawat is a rewarding experience for patrons and volunteers that simultaneously creates opportunities on a small but substantial scale for our less privileged kinsmen back home in India.

Sankalp also organizes a Silent Auction of beautiful Indian handicrafts during Daawat, in which the guests actively and enthusiastically participate.

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Daawat is generously supported by many Iowa State University Professors and students and by individuals and families from the Ames community. We thank everyone for their support and we hope to see you at our future Daawat.