Projects 2015-16

A review of Sankalp’s Fundraising efforts in 2015-16:


Sankalp has had enormous support throughout the year from our generous patrons and our enthusiastic volunteers. Through Football Volunteering, Daawat and various initiatives, Sankalp raised $21,193 towards the shortlisted projects for 2015-16 ! Sankalp donated $600 towards the Chennai Flood Rehabilitation Efforts in India to the NGO Sri Arunodayam Charitable TrustSankalp decides which projects to fund based on voting results from all Sankalp members. This year Sankalp will be able to fund 5 projects : AASRA, Snehadeep, AIRA, RES and READS. These projects have requested a total of  $19,354.29.  The balance will be carried forward for next year’s projects.

Prospective Projects:

Click on the link to see the project proposals for the year 2015-16.

Prospective Projects 2015-16

Voting results:


Every year, prospective projects will be presented to the patrons at Daawat and they are asked to rank the projects from 1,2 and so on. Hence, the projects with the lowest sum are the ones that are highest preferred and the ones with the highest sum are lowest preferred ones.





Projects to be funded 2015-16 | Fund amounts for projects based on voting results:





Based on our final amount of $21,193 raised, we have sufficient funds to support  5 Projects –  AASRA, Snehadeep, AIRA, RES and READS.