Projects funded by Sankalp in 2014-15

A review of Sankalp’s Fundraising efforts in 2014-15:
Sankalp has had enormous support from our generous patrons and  volunteer members. Through football volunteering, Daawat  and other local initiatives, Sankalp has raised ~$17,000 towards the shortlisted projects for this year. We have also successfully aided disaster relief initiatives through the generosity and kindness of our patrons towards TWO major incidents in India: J&K Floods in September 2014, and Cyclone HudHud in October 2014.
Sankalp Projects & Voting results:
Sankalp Projects 2014-15_Voting Results _rank 1 to 7
Projects to be funded 2014-15 | fund amounts for projects based on voting tally:
Sankalp Projects 2014-15 funding amounts
Based on our final amount of $17,000 raised, we have sufficient funds to support 
Projects –  Vanguards, KSSG school, GYWS, NRCWD and YFS.
A graphic plot is provided below with details of funds per project. We have used a conversion rate of  1 USD = 63 INR for the funds per project.