About Us

About Sankalp:

Sankalp is a non-profit volunteer driven organization at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

            Through various fund-raising activities, Sankalp funds development projects in India. To put it in a few words, Sankalp raises funds to sponsor sustainable development projects back in India.Sankalp offers financial and logistical support to NGOs and local bodies in India in their efforts in improving the social and economic conditions.

To promote development, Sankalp has a three-pronged approach:

  • Create awareness in local and non-local communities about the problems of illiteracy and other related issues in India.
  • Sponsor and nurture projects in India on a sustainable basis.
  • Create awareness about the work done by various organizations in India and in the US to tackle this problem. Effectively network and collaborate with other such organizations.

How did Sankalp begin?

            In 1995, a group of highly motivated students at Iowa State University decided to translate some of their social consciousness into action and formed an informal organization, India Literacy Focus Group. They hoped that improving the levels of literacy in India would empower people to make a difference to their social and economic stature. The vision of those students has always served as an inspiration to the current members of Sankalp.

            In 1997, the Literacy Focus Group was formally inducted as a student organization, at Iowa State University, and began to receive funding from the Government of the Student Body for overhead expenses. Around the same time, ‘Sankalp’ was adopted as the new name for the organization. Sankalp, which means resolve or determination, signified the intention of this organization to contribute in some measure to the development in India.

Since then, Sankalp has continued its efforts in funding deserving grass-root development projects.Sankalp has also broadened its focus from literacy to include other aspects of development; a few of the recently funded projects bear testimony to this fact. Today, Sankalp funds projects encompassing diverse areas in all parts of India.

We have also raised funds for global issues. We generated $8000 for tsunami and $1000 for Katrina relief.

Sankalp is a people-based organization and believes in complete transparency in its operations. Financial statements and minutes of the meetings, as well as the communications with various NGOs are posted on this website.

Feel free to contact  us for any further information regarding its operations, projects or any other issue.

Football Volunteering and Daawat are our two main fundraising events.

Football Volunteering



Every year, several enthusiastic Sankalp members volunteer at the Football games. This is one of Sankalp’s most effective ways to raise funds for projects. Sankalp members volunteer at the games in several fun ways : ticketing, ushering etc. and Sankalp gets paid directly for their efforts. Volunteering typically involved 5-6 hours on game day.
The bitter cold of Ames never dampens the enthusiasm and spirit of the Sankalp volunteers. Indeed, even on the day of the coldest kick-off in the history of Iowa State University, Sankalp members volunteered for the game with smiles. These games help the volunteers experience the astonishing University spirit at these games as well as the well-known mid-western hospitality.

After each game, Sankalp volunteers gather and pizza and pop is served !
Please contact us if you wish to be a part of this marvelous effort.




Daawat 2014


Daawat is an annual fund-raising dinner hosted by Sankalp. This much anticipated feast ( as the name suggests) comprises of authentic home-cooked Indian delicacies. The entire Indian Ames community comes together to organize this event. Along with the mouth-watering food, there are various cultural performances put together by students.

You can watch a glimpse of wonderful Daawat performances here :

Sankalp also organizes a Silent Auction of beautiful Indian handicrafts during Daawat, in which the guests actively and enthusiastically participate.

Daawat is generously supported by many Iowa State University Professors and students and by individuals and families from the Ames community.