Project Evaluation Procedure

Sankalp Flow Chart 2017-18


NGOs in India are introduced to Sankalp through Sankalp or ISU members. Additionally, Sankalp scours organizations that can be approached for a possible collaboration. On hearing back from the organization we let them know what Sankalp is and how we do things. Organizations are then invited to fill in a Contact form (Please click to download) that has some questions that need to be answered by the NGO.

The contact form, sent out to NGOs that wish to be considered for funding by Sankalp, gives insight into the main goals of the organization. Basic requirements such as the history of the NGO, understanding its grasp of the local environment it operates in, compulsorily possession of an independent FCRA code and ensuring the NGO doesn’t have religious affiliations are taken stock of in the initial segments of the form. More detailed provisions that come later in the form focuses specifically on the proposal the organization has for the funds if they were awarded the same. Here the organization is requested to be as detailed in their depiction of what exactly the funds will be used for, the logistics and amenities involved in the execution of the project’s intended goals, the number of people who will be beneficiaries and how viable the goals will be if achieved.

During Sankalp meetings extensive discussions are carried out via a brief but informative presentation about a project, followed by a Q&A session from Sankalp members voicing their support or concerns regarding the project as outlined. Detailed budgeting aspects are prodded and scrutinized by Sankalp members. If only certain portions of the project can be funded we ensure we talk to the NGO regarding additional sources of funding. When possible Telephonic conversations or Skype sessions are conducted with the leaders of the NGO regarding the project for a more direct discussion of concerns Sankalp members may have.

Final decision and fund transfer:

After a number of projects have been slated for an academic year, Sankalp members are asked to vote for the projects in an order of priority. Depending on the funds raised through Daawat – Our annual fundraising dinner in Spring – projects are funded by this priority. If sufficient funding is available Sankalp funds all available projects.

  • Sankalp contacts the respective NGO with their final decision
  • Funds are usually dispatched in two installments.
  • Halfway through a project, a detailed report is requested with a breakdown of how funds given as the first installment were used. Only after a satisfactory report has been received are funds constituting the second installment dispatched. In the case that the organization fails to furnish a report of activities carried out with funds from Sankalp, further funding is utilized as surplus reserves for other viable project