Projects funded in 2017-18

A review of Sankalp’s Fundraising efforts in 2017-18:


                Sankalp has had enormous support throughout the year from our generous patrons and our enthusiastic volunteers. Through Football Volunteering, Daawat and various other initiatives, Sankalp raised $17,800 towards the shortlisted projects for 2017-18! Sankalp decides which projects to fund based on voting results from all Sankalp members. This year Sankalp will be able to fund 5 projects: CDS, SOVA, Sehgal Foundation, READS and Aasra Trust. These projects have requested a total of  $16,312.  The balance will be carried forward for next year’s projects.

Prospective Projects:

Below were the Prospective Projects for the year 2017-18!


Braille Library (Divya Jyoti)

Mysore, Karnataka

                Divya Jyoti, an organization that dedicatedly supports the visually impaired was established in 2010 and is based on Mysore, Karnataka. They mainly focus on helping the visually impaired with their education and well being. Previously, they have trained the visually impaired on computer skills, spoken English and have also set up a library with braille books. Teaching braille is also one of their previously done work.

The proposed project is to distribute braille books among 18 selected blind schools in Karnataka, India. The project aims at converting normal books to braille script, print it with braille papers and produce a book for the visually impaired. The books are then distributed among 18 selected schools. The total cost of implementing the project is 3Lakhs(approx. 5000USD) for 1200 books.

Revitalizing the Old age home (AIRA)

Dhenkanal District, Odisha

Arun Institute of Rural Affair (AIRA), an organization established in 1986 is based on Dhenkanal district, Odisha. They mainly focus on helping the poor with community-based activities and prevent child labor, violence against women and children. Their previous works include setting up a residential secondary school for the underprivileged children, prevention of women and children trafficking, residential primary school for the tribal children.

The proposed project is aimed at helping the elderly from a poor background in the Old age home. The capacity of AIRA’s old age home is 25 and they have identified 25 beneficiaries who are ill-treated by their family members. The main goal is to encourage the elderly by enterprise promotion and set up a sustainable income for them. It aims at setting up a kitchen gardening and rope making facility, train them and generate income for them.

The long-term objective of the project is to set up a sustainable income for the elderly and revitalize their lives. The total cost for implementing this project is around 3.13 lakhs(approx. 4900 USD).

Enhanced Science Education for the Underserved (PIUS)

Angul District, Odisha

People’s Integration and Union for Society (PIUS), established in 1995 has been undertaking several projects for the upliftment of underdeveloped communities in several places in the state of Odisha. Projects including “Community Mobilization for Learning Dissemination”, “Training and demonstration of sustainable agricultural practices”, “Special schools for child labor”, etc., that try to educate and organize weaker sections of the society.

The proposed project will be implemented in the Mahidharpur village of Angul District, Odisha and aims to create suitable infrastructure in the underserved schools of this area to facilitate the enhancement of academic performance and interest growth in science in students. Deploying project coordinators to discuss, analyze and understand the requirements and delivery, maintenance and effective usage of the equipment that can be utilized over several years will be a part of the project that would approximate Rs. 275,000 (USD 4230) of which Sankalp would be funding Rs. 172,000 (USD 2650).

Rehabilitation of Slum Community (READS)

Kolkata, West Bengal

The Rajabazar education and Awareness Development Society (Reads) was established in 1998 and is based in Kolkata, West Bengal.The organization primarily deals with the upliftment and empowerment of members of the slum community.

The Proposed project deals with the upliftment of school-age children from slum communities through programs including remedial coaching, nutrition, and healthcare. They will also be facilitating alternative earning for women and adolescent girls by training them in readymade garment making. The project would benefit 50 children and 50 women/adolescent girls Kolkata.

In the long-term Reads hopes that the project will help protect children and women in slum communities of Kolkata. The total cost for the implementation of the project would be Rs.353000 (USD 5400 approx).

Improving the lives of Women Farmers (CDS)

Angul District, Odisha

The Center for Development Services (CDS) was established in 1998 and is based in Angul, Odisha.The organization provides assistance to weaker sections of society living in rural areas by carrying out activities in fields such as education, healthcare, and agriculture.

The Proposed project deals with the empowerment of women farmers through the creation of Women farmer associations in rural Odisha. They will focus on improving the livelihoods of these women by promoting sustainable agriculture through the knowledge of Integrated pest management and Organic manure production. The project would benefit 60 families in marginalized communities of Angul, Odisha.

In the long-term CDS hopes that this project will improve the livelihoods of these women farmers. The total cost for the implementation of the project would be Rs.278000 (USD 4250 approx).

Women Empowerment (Sundarban Anubhab)

West Bengal

Sundarban Anubhab was established in 2000 and is based in West Bengal.The organization promotes holistic development of people in need for social equity and justice.

The Proposed project focuses on providing social and economic security to rural women by educating them on the cultivation of indigenous leafy crops with a good nutritive value, using organic practices. It will benefit 500 women in rural communities of West Bengal.

In the long-term, the project hopes to provide social and economic security to women farmers. The total cost for the implementation of the project would be Rs.339000 (USD 5200 approx).

Empowerment and skill development for youth (VIRD)

Angul, Odisha

Established in 1987, Voluntary Institute for Rural Development (VIRD) started with a vision to empower weaker sections of the society. Their areas of focus included community empowerment through social awareness, woman empowerment, educating youth on social responsibility and their rights, etc.,

Their current project is focused in the industrial slums located in the Angul district of Odisha, India, to impart behavioral education to 160 adolescents along with providing skill training to enable their livelihood. The project also would to pursue educating and mobilizing the community to understand and realize adolescent rights. The estimated project costs supported by Sankalp would be Rs. 2,36,000 (USD3650).

Empowerment and livelihood development for woman (BRGUS)

Baruipur, West Bengal.

With a focus on education and skill development in rural and lower socio-economic parts of societies, Bhanru Ramkrishnapur Gramin Unnayan Sanstha (BRGUS) established in 2005. Their previous experiences include training programs for skill development for youth.

Focused in a locality that has a large demand for skilled workers in tailoring, the current project would be providing vocation training on readymade garment making and tailoring along with providing sustainability post training. The project would be focused on 60 mothers/adolescent girls identified in the Baruipur municipality of West Bengal. The estimated project cost would be Rs. 1,91,000 (USD2950).

Voting Results:

Every year, prospective projects will be presented to the patrons at Daawat and they are asked to rank the projects from 1,2 and so on. Hence, the projects with the lowest sum are the ones that are highest preferred and the ones with the highest sum are the lowest preferred ones.



Projects to be funded 2016-17 | Fund amounts for projects based on voting results:


Sankalp Projects 2016-17 - 1


Based on our final amount of $17,800 raised, we have sufficient funds to support  5 Projects –  CDS, SOVA, Sehgal Foundation, READS and Aasra Trust.