Rajabazar Education and Awareness Devlopment Society

Arranging under-elementary education and mainstreaming children into formal education with providing health and educational facilities. The program also includes skill training for the mother and adolescent girls for their alternative income.

Beneficiaries: 50 children (6-14 years old) involved in begging, rag picking and other activities and 50 mothers and adolescent girls in Rajabazar area, Kolkata.


  • Uplift the poorest of the poor in Kolkata
  • Society development
  • Social Justice
  • Healthcare programs

Current Project


  • Woman and child development
  • Integrating target children and their families with the locality
  • Elementary education for kids. Gradually get them into mainstream education
  • Impart skill training to mothers and adolescent girls for an alternative income.

Funds Requested $2100