Rangeeni Educational Society

Formal schooling with computer literacy program and vocational training of young girls in garment making and designing, who are victims of socio-religious, economical and gender disparity, to prepare them for future job market or alternative livelihood.

Beneficiaries: 50 girls (6-14 years old) and 50 girls of above 16 years of age from the slum areas of English Bazar, Malda in West Bengal.



  • Established: 2005 in Malda, West Bengal
  • Target population: Below poverty level, slum and flood prone area.
  • Previous ventures:

Nursing training

Community health worker

Parent orientation for handicapped youth

Free computer literacy mission


Problem Statement

Girl children:

  • Socio-economic discriminations deprive girls from formal education:


Early marriage

Gender violence

  • Poor health and nutrition causes absenteeism.

Adolescent girls:

  • High dropout rate due to financial constraints.
  • No employment opportunity.
  • Lack of awareness in community.


Proposed plan of action



Funds Requested $3800



  • Girl children would be rescued from gender violence and trafficking.
  • Continued education for young girls leading to a better life.
  • Preparation for future job market.
  • Alternative livelihood would promote gender equality, justice, and independence.