Projects Funded by Sankalp in 2014-15

A review of Sankalp’s Fundraising efforts in 2014-15:
Sankalp has had enormous support from our generous patrons and  volunteer members. Through football volunteering, Daawat  and other local initiatives, Sankalp has raised ~$17,000 towards the shortlisted projects for this year. We have also successfully aided disaster relief initiatives through the generosity and kindness of our patrons towards TWO major incidents in India: J&K Floods in September 2014, and Cyclone HudHud in October 2014.
Sankalp Projects & Voting results:
Every year, prospective projects will be presented to the patrons at Daawat and they are asked to rank the projects from 1,2 and so on. Hence, the projects with the lowest sum are the ones that are highest preferred and the ones with the highest sum are lowest preferred ones.
Sankalp Projects 2014-15_Voting Results _rank 1 to 7
Projects to be funded 2014-15 | fund amounts for projects based on voting tally:
Sankalp Projects 2014-15 funding amounts
Based on our final amount of $17,000 raised, we have sufficient funds to support  5 Projects –  Vanguards, KSSG school, GYWS, NRCWD and YFS.
A graphic plot is provided below with details of funds per project. We have used a conversion rate of  1 USD = 63 INR for the funds per project.